Treffen sich das Private, das Öffentliche, das Politische und die Kunst. Kommt ein Flamingo dazu…


Treffen sich Tanz, Musik, Performance, Film, Literatur und Konzeptkunst. Kommen rauchende, kranke, geflüchtete, Sport treibende, alte, pflegende, kriechende, postende, wohnende Menschen dazu…


Neue Verordnungen weisen den Schnecken den Weg in einen neuen Freiraum.


Freiheit liegt jenseits eines geordneten Festivalprogramms. Ein Festival riskiert sich.


Die Lage bleibt vorhersehbar unklar. Um die Ungewissheit ordnet sich eine neue Realität.


Ungewiss sind die Orte und Zeiten eines neuen Ausbruchs: erlaubte Ansammlungen von rauchenden, kriechenden oder tanzenden Menschen.


Ungewiss ist, wann und wo Sie zum Publikum werden. Oder zu Mitwirkenden. Unvermutet.


Die Wirtschaft wächst nicht mehr. Die Kunst irritiert nicht mehr. Stuttgart ist (sich) nicht mehr sicher. Zeit für neue Verbindungen, neue Verwandtschaften, neue Wege. Zeit für eine pandemische Utopie!


Die irritierte schneckende Stadt

In the animal kingdom, as with humans, there are different sexes and ways of life. But those who do not fit into the category »man« or »woman« in Western societies stand out, if not even fall out. Snails are simultaneous hermaphrodites. They have »female« and »male« sexual organs. In self-made slugs costumes, Nora Jacobs and numerous adventurous human slugs crawl into the public space and literally make the audience stumble over alleged normative ideas.

Idea & Concept: Nora Jacobs

Choreography: Martina Rösler

Contributors: People from Stuttgart and surroundings


Anyone who wants to crawl along can join in:

© Nora Jacobs

Mehr Informationen

For DIE IRRITIERTE STADT I would like to invite people to dress up as slugs and crawl into the public space. The slugs costumes are to be sewn from old knitted clothing. Passers-by will make the irritating observation that people in knitted costumes crawl through the city and leave wet traces on the ground with their wet underside.


Excursus 1

That there are not only two sexes, but many, is a thesis that I examine in my work in many different ways. In the animal kingdom as well as among humans, there are the most different genders and ways of life. With the difference that humans appear more tolerant towards animals than towards their fellow humans.


Snails are simultaneous hermaphrodites. They have female and male sexual organs. During sexual intercourse both sexual organs can be used simultaneously. In special extreme situations the snail can also fertilise itself. Those who do not fit into the categories “man” or “woman” in society will be noticed, if not even fall out.


A never-ending accumulation of human snails crosses public space, surprisingly appearing again and again on pavements and streets. Through their slow progress, they take up space and time for themselves and in their own way stretch the urban concept of time with its high pulse.

Excursus 2

The snail has acquired different meanings in different periods of time and different cultures. It stands for slowness par excellence, especially in a capitalist society, also called acceleration society, where time is money and every minute must be used “better”. It is also consumed as a delicacy, but it also causes disgust with its slippery surface and the trail of slime it leaves behind. In architecture, the shape of the snail shell has been used repeatedly for centuries. Furthermore, the snail was considered ” not only as a symbol of qualities as difficult to reconcile as laziness, vanity, lust and the immaculate conception, but also as a sign of the resurrection”.


Quotes Excursus 1 and 2 from: Schnecken. Ein Portrait von Florian Werner, Reihe: Naturkunden Bd. 020, Matthes & Seitz, Berlin, 2015.

© Nora Jacobs

Nora Jacobs

works in the fields of fine arts, theatre and film. In 2006 she attended the Academy of Circus Arts – Europe’s only traveling circus school and in 2009 she completed her Bachelor of Drama at the Norwegian Theatre Academy. In 2017 she graduated with distinction from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in the field of performance and installation with Heimo Zobernig. This was followed by the ArtStart Scholarship of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and in 2018 the START Scholarship for Media Art of the Austrian Federal Chancellery. In her works Nora Jacobs deals with the theme of the border as a three-dimensional space. Using the means of performance, video and installation, she creates spaces of possibility that leave traces and have the potential to empower. Queerness runs like a red thread through the themes, with humour and irony intermingled again and again. Failure is immanent. In the end, the horizon remains.

© Joachim Gern