Mund-Stück 2

Nata and Sam were in the audience when the artists Ant Hampton and Rita Paul’s performed MUND-STÜCK at Theater Rampe. During the conversation afterwards, they spontaneously responded to the artists’ invitation to create their own version of MUNDSTÜCK. And thus, like Rita and Ant before them, to approach the German language. So Nata and Sam travelled through Germany for a week. With a rudimentary knowledge of German and audio recorders in their luggage. With the little German they knew, they asked the people they met a question: »What do you think should be said? « They explained to them that they would record the answers so that they could later learn them by heart and thus become familiar with the language. Nata and Sam will use these texts to develop their performance, with which they will appear on stage for the first time.

Konzept: Ant Hampton und Rita Pauls

Performance: Nata und Sam


Mittwoch, 22. Juli, abends

Donnerstag, 23. Juli, abends

Freitag 24. Juli, abends

Theater Rampe

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Performance by Ant Hampton and Rita Pauls in a new version by Nata and Sam.


British performance artist Ant Hampton and Argentinean author and actress Rita Pauls hitchhiked across Germany together. With the little German they had, they asked the people who took them along: “What do you think needs to be said?


In the original performance Mund-Stück these answers are reproduced from the mouths of Ant and Rita – literally, with all pauses for breath and thought, the sound of voices and accents. Right at the beginning of their work, Ant and Rita realized that the performance would primarily address questions of migration and social expectation. They therefore planned to repeat the project of artists with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, whose motivation to engage with a country and learn its language therefore seems even more urgent. The Mund-Stück project questions the understanding of adaptation to a culture primarily as a submissive act.


Nata and Sam attended a performance of Mund-Stück in Stuttgart and were inspired by the idea of realizing their own version of the performance, traveling through Germany following the same protocol and asking all the people they meet along the way the same question: “What do you think should be said? With a rudimentary knowledge of German and an audio recorder in their luggage, they set off and let the people they met show them the country and tell them about it. Then Nata and Sam learned the answers by heart, literally, and now they speak and sing the answers back to us.

Nata und Sam

The two brothers Nata and Sam were born in Iran in 1994 as children of Afghan parents. They have lived in Germany for five years. They have been engaged in music, poetry and history all their lives.

© Nata und Sam

Ant Hampton

The British artist Ant Hampton was born in 1975. He is the founder of Rotozaza (1998-2009), a project that includes performance, theatre, installation art, intervention and script-based works. Together with Silvia Mercuriali and other artists*, he has realized more than 20 Rotozaza productions in various countries and languages, most of them with amateur performers*, who deliberately acted in unrehearsed performance situations.

In 2007 Ant Hampton began to involve the audience in his plays and since then has been touring internationally with his Autoteatro series. His further work, which he creates together with Greg McLaren under the title “The Other People” (La Otra Gente), includes the exploration of “live portraiture”. These are so-called “structured encounters” with people from an environment far removed from the theatre.

Rita Pauls

Rita Pauls was born in Buenos Aires in 1993. She studied literature and philosophy at the Universidad de Buenos Aires with a focus on literary theory. As a performer, she has appeared in productions from all over the world: “The Natural State” (director: Paula Salomón, ARG), “Multitude” (director: Federico León, ARG), “Second Time” (director: Dora García, Spain) and “Fantasía soneto después de una lectura de (dance)” (director: Dudú Alcón Quintanilha, Brazil) dealt with language, the creation and invention of intimacy and the coping with uncontrolled performative situations.

Currently, Rita Paul’s collaborator in the research project “The Bardo, Soft Eyes”, led by the Argentinean experimental dramaturgist Paula Salomón. In addition, Rita Pauls gives workshops (poetry, literature, French as a foreign language) in spaces beyond the established art scene of Buenos Aires, including psychiatric clinics, private homes and independent cultural centers. Rita Pauls lives as a performer and author in Buenos Aires.