Treffen sich das Private, das Öffentliche, das Politische und die Kunst. Kommt ein Flamingo dazu…


Treffen sich Tanz, Musik, Performance, Film, Literatur und Konzeptkunst. Kommen rauchende, kranke, geflüchtete, Sport treibende, alte, pflegende, kriechende, postende, wohnende Menschen dazu…


Neue Verordnungen weisen den Schnecken den Weg in einen neuen Freiraum.


Freiheit liegt jenseits eines geordneten Festivalprogramms. Ein Festival riskiert sich.


Die Lage bleibt vorhersehbar unklar. Um die Ungewissheit ordnet sich eine neue Realität.


Ungewiss sind die Orte und Zeiten eines neuen Ausbruchs: erlaubte Ansammlungen von rauchenden, kriechenden oder tanzenden Menschen.


Ungewiss ist, wann und wo Sie zum Publikum werden. Oder zu Mitwirkenden. Unvermutet.


Die Wirtschaft wächst nicht mehr. Die Kunst irritiert nicht mehr. Stuttgart ist (sich) nicht mehr sicher. Zeit für neue Verbindungen, neue Verwandtschaften, neue Wege. Zeit für eine pandemische Utopie!



Like no other news programme, PPNews (Polit Puppet News) reports locally and subjectively. In public screenings and live on the street, PPNews lets real dogs, Barbie dolls and puppetted performers speak. The three-part show is based on interview recordings, comments and spontaneous encounters in the Stuttgart area on the topics of security in public space – homelessness, racism and protective measures.

Armada of Arts

Direction, stage, costume: Nora Schruth, Sarah Hoemske

Text, concept: Anne Jelena Schulte

Editor: Katharina Kersten

Video: David Campesino

Puppetry, Performance: Gilda Coustier, Friederike Miller, Jonathan Strotbek

Engineering, graphics: Federica Menegatti


Tuesday, July 21, 5:00 p.m,

6:30 and 8:00,

Theaterhaus parking lot


Thursday, July 23rd, 5:00 p.m, 6:30 and 8:00,

Opera Forecourt


Saturday, July 25, 4:30 p.m, 6:00 and 7:30,

Austria Place


Free admission.





© Tilman Zirkler

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Like no other news programme, PPNews (Polit Puppet News) reports locally and subjectively. PPNews lets dogs, Barbie dolls and puppetted performers* talk about ARMADA OF ARTS. The three-part show is based on interview recordings of sound bites, analyses of blog entries and comments as well as spontaneous encounters on the topics of homelessness, security versus freedom and racism.


Especially in times of Corona, PPNews wants to report on the perspectives of those who are not considered “normal” or do not belong. And this is why PPNews looks back at those of us who consciously or unconsciously benefit from this social classification.


For DIE IRRITIERTE STADT, ARMADA OF ARTS is developing a new, locally based edition of the PPNews news show with human rights activist Katharina Kersten, author Anne Jelena Schulte, video artist David Campesino, puppeteers Gilda Coustier, Frieder Miller and Jonathan Strotbek, architect Federica Menegatti and set and costume designers Nora Schruth and Sarah Hoemske.


What are PPNews?

PPNews is a news show with puppets, which processes maximum local information independently and subjectively into news reports. The format was developed in Dresden for three very differently structured city districts as a hybrid of journalism and theatre. The show’s host, Mika Eni Bott, guides the audience through the show’s contributions in a deliberately sobering and unobjective manner.

© Sarah Hoemske
© David Campesino
© Peter R. Fiebig
© Tilman Zirkler


The theatre collective Armada of Arts was founded in Dresden in 2016 by women from Berlin and Dresden. All members of the ARMADA work in solidarity, interdisciplinary and experimentally on the project of creatively shaping socio-political responsibility. All the projects that have been developed so far were created with the aim of practising theatrical means across borders, inventing new formats and considering theatre as a forum for questions of justice, politics and beauty.


Armada of Arts mostly works with puppets and objects, as these allow for a captivating pictorial reduction. The public space, in its many forms, is an essential element in the company’s work to make theatre accessible to all and to mix reality with fiction.